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Having fun and learning something at the same time is possible.

We all joined BetterInvesting to learn about investing and many of us joined investment clubs in order to have some fun while learning.

The OKI Tri-State Chapter provides a way for you to continue learning in the relaxed atmosphere of your club meeting. This program is called Classes to Clubs. We will provide a knowledgeable teacher to bring a class to your club meeting. You select a topic that interests your club members. You are all learning or reviewing the information together and helping each other learn.

Unless stated each classes is one hour in length which allows you to have a short business meeting and a class during your regular club meeting.

For more information or to schedule a class for your club in Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky or SE Indiana, contact Mary Thomas at or via phone at 513-771-8354. In Dayton contact Gene Senter at or via phone at 937-325-5077.

Following is the list of classes our Chapter will bring to your club along with a short description of each class.

Stock Selection Guide Classes:

1. Shhhhh…Listen To What Your SSG Is Saying - This class will outline the necessary information needed from the SSG to identify quality growth stocks. It is a step by step study of what the SSG is telling you.


2. Stop! Watch For Red Flags In Your Stock Analysis - This class takes a close look at the first page of the SSG, where to look for problems and what to do when you see problems on the SSG.

Portfolio Management Classes:

3. Portfolio Management Techniques (1 1/2 hours) Maintaining a portfolio requires more than buying quality stocks. We will present techniques to improve your portfolio's performance by employing good management skills. We will use Toolkit 6 features to examine the portfolio. 

4. Portfolio Review - How Does Your Stock Portfolio Measure Up? (1 1/2 hours)   OKI Directors will analyze your club's portfolio and visit your club with an analysis of your portfolio. The analysis will include allocation, sizing and examination of sectors along with other observations.

Additional Classes:

5. Value Line 101.  "Fishing" for Strong Companies - (1 1/2 hours).  Start fishing at your library with Value Line to find companies for your investing! Ten quick steps to hook the big winners!

6. Value Line 201. Take a Deeper Dive To Find Buried Treasurers. (1 1/2 hours) An explanation of the data and information on the Value Line: How can understanding the data improve Stock Selection Guide (SSG) judgments and stock picking?

7. Toolkit 6 - (1 1/2 hours) As we work through a Stock Selection Guide (SSG) together, you will see how the features of this tool will enhance your abilities in selecting a stock to watch, buy or sell.

8. - Clearing the Fog - How To Navigate Your Way Through Annual Reports.- The annual report contains a lot of information. We will discuss sections of the Annual Report, what's in it and why you need to read it.

9. How To Do An Industry Study - If your club is having difficulty coming up with procedures for looking at a stock’s peers, this class will help you develop a disciplined approach to studying an industry. This process has been used successfully by other clubs.

10. How To Start An Investment Club -
Thinking of starting an investing club? This class teaches what you need to know to get started. Benefit from the collective knowledge of others in your club. Being part of an investment club is a good way to begin your investing future.

11. Basics of Investing - A good class for Newbies. Build upon a solid foundation to increase your investing knowledge.

12. FINRA Program:  Investor Protection Campaign for Older Investors - a targeted effort to reduce the incidence of investment fraud among older investors. FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Agency) Foundation joined with BetterInvesting, AARP, state securities regulators and other nonprofits to demonstrate simple steps every investor should take to protect themselves.

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