The Senate's FIFO Tax Proposal
Is Bad for Individual Investors
Use This Letter to Write to Your Representatives in Congress


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Would you like a guest speaker at an upcoming meeting? Could your club benefit from a question-and-answer session with someone who's "been there"? Could your club use some help with any of these topics?:
· Applying judgment to the Stock Selection Guide (SSG)?
· Voting on portfolio decisions without upsetting other members?
· A portfolio review – Is your portfolio diversified? How might you improve your club’s buy and sell decisions?
· Club accounting and tax issues?
· Partner withdrawals – Why transferring appreciated stock instead of cash is a win-win for everyone.
· Finding small companies
- Making use of BetterInvesting membership benefits
· Assistance with SSG tools (Toolkit or BetterInvesting CoreSSG and SSGPlus)

Club visits from the experienced investors on our Board of Directors are one of the most amazing services the Puget Sound Chapter offers to its clubs. These are the terrific people who teach our classes, coordinate our annual Investors Education Conference, put together the Puget Soundings newsletter -- and make club visits free of charge! Every dues-paying club is eligible for one FREE club visit per calendar year with the volunteer presentation being 30 minutes to 1 hour.

The chapter has a club visit coordinator whose will find the right person at the right time for the right subject matter. That volunteer will then contact you for the date, time and directions to your meeting, and particulars about the topics you wish to discuss.

Email to arrange a club visit.
· Let us know what topic(s) you would like the volunteer to discuss at your meeting.
· Let us know where and when your meeting is held.
· Let us know how to contact you for further information.

Our directors really enjoy making these club visits. And you will enjoy having them visit your club. Give it a try!

For a club located greater than 50 miles from the volunteer, we may ask for mileage reimbursement. Alternatively, perhaps we can set up a club visit by phone or an online meeting.

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