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Model Club

You are welcome to attend the meetings of our Model Club. The purpose of the club is to publicly demonstrate BetterInvesting principles and how to run an investment club. The emphasis is on how to run an investment club rather than on how to select stock. Our classes teach stock selection more fully than we could in a short meeting.  To arrange a visit to the Club, please contact Eric Aker at (408) 241-8411. Meetings are held the third Wednesday of the month at 7 pm.

Stock Study Group aka Computer Investors Group

The Silicon Valley Chapter has a Stock Studys Group which is open to all individuals and club members interested in learning how to use computers and the Internet for investing. The group shares computer information, skills, provides support for questions on BetterInvesting software and information on Internet resources and services. There is also a specific focus each month. Open to the public. For further information contact Jim Powell at

Club and Member Services

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