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A Guide to Member Benefits
Presented on 4/3/2014 by Dennis Genord
This information-packed webinar will orient you to the BetterInvesting member website and help you get the greatest benefit from your membership. Whether you are a new member or just considering membership, you are sure to learn some valuable tips to help you become a Better Investor.
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 (59 min.) 
Website Tour (PDF)

CoreSSG Stock Analysis Tool Tutorial
Presented on 3/27/2014
BetterInvesting’s CoreSSG online application is the perfect tool to help new investors learn the basics of fundamental stock analysis while actively completing a Stock Selection Guide (SSG). See how easy it is to navigate step-by-step through a stock study using the CoreSSG in the tutorial.  Key features are reviewed and demonstrated.
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Do Not Dump Those Dividends
Do Not Dump Those Dividends (PDF)
BetterInvesting Introduction (PDF)
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Research and YOUR Stock Selection Guide
This class introduces the student to some standard resources used for investment information. Data collection from some of the resources is demonstrated to provide an overview of how to use the standard resources. An SSG Research Form designed to help guide the student through the research process is presented.
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Presentation slides 4pp (PDF)
Stock Research Form (color) (DOC)
Stock Research Form (black and white) (DOC)
Stock Research Form (black and white) (PDF)

Coach Research Materials (PDF)

Club Treasurer Workshop
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Preparing 2013 Taxes Presentation slides color 2pp (PDF)
Preparing 2013 Taxes Presentation slides b/w 4pp (PDF)

Judgment and the Stock Selection Guide
This class reviews the material the student should know prior to taking the Adding Judgment Series. The main judgments needed to complete a Stock Selection Guide (SSG) are reviewed, and the effects of the selected forecasts on whether the stock is a buy, hold or sell is examined.
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Judgment and the SSG slides 4pp (PDF)

SSGPlus Tutorial
Presented on 1/14/2014  by Suzi Artzberger
This tutorial includes a discussion of the differences between the CoreSSG and SSGPlus and demonstrates how to use the new SSGPlus app, showcasing many of the key features.
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More Information on SSGPlus

Easy Research Using the CoreSSG and SSGPlus Stock Selection Guides
Presented on 12/10/2013 by Suzi Artzberger
Doing the research needed for a stock study is easy using the CoreSSG and SSGPlus Online Stock Selection Guides. Learn how to access popular research websites without leaving the tool, organize the information using the notes feature and more in this Online Tools Tutorial.
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Membership Types and Upgrade Process (PDF)
Online Tools Easy Research 4pp B/W (PDF)
SSGPlus Quickstart (PDF)

Club Treasurer Workshop
Presented by Doug Gerlach
Another year has passed, and it’s time for club treasurers to close the books for 2013 and get ready to prepare the club’s annual tax returns.
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Club Accounting Closing the Books 2013 2pg color (PDF)
Club Accounting Closing the Books 2013 4pg bw (PDF)
ICLUBcentral Club Audit Checklist (PDF)
20 Questions Before Buying a Stock (PDF)

What’s New in Tools: CoreSSG and SSGPlus
Presented on November 13, 2013 by Suzi Artzberger
This tutorial includes a discussion of the differences between the CoreSSG and SSGPlus and demonstrates how to use the new app, showcasing many of the key features. The session will also introduce the updates to the file management functionality, screening updates in the CoreSSG and SSGPlus as well as the new portfolio segregation functionality.
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What's New in Tools Presentation (4pp bw)

Understanding the Jargon
Presented by Ken Kavula and Ann Cuneaz
Review Recording  (84 min.)

Basic concepts and vocabulary needed to study the Stock Selection Guide are introduced.

Presentation slides color 1pp (PDF)
Presentation slides b/w 4pp (PDF)

Why Invest in Stocks
Presented by Ken Kavula and Ann Cuneaz 
Click here to view a recording of the webinar
Presentation slides 1pp color (PDF)
Presentation slides 4pp b/w (PDF)

Online Tools Tutorial - Focus on Features
Presented on 8/22/2013 by Suzi Artzberger
In this Online Tools Tutorial we highlight the features in the Online Stock Selection Guide and Stock Comparison Guide that you NEED to know. The newly updated Mutual Fund Tools are also introduced.
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Club Treasurer Workshop
Presented in July 2013 by Douglas Gerlach
View Presentation (48 min.)
20 Questions Before Buying A Stock (PDF)

Online Tools Tutorial Featuring the Stock Comparison Guide
Presented on 07/23/2013 by Suzi Artzberger.
Learn how to use the Online Stock Comparison Guide and review new features of the Online Stock Selection Guide.
Click here to view a recording of the Webinar. (69 min.)

Our Doors Are Open: A Tour Of BetterInvesting’s Open House
Presented on 11/15/11 by Adam Ritt
Listen to this 28 minute Webinar to sample some of the best features, tools, resources of BetterInvesting membership, at no obligation.  Come, and “take a tour” and then invite friends to join you!
Click here to review a recording of the webinar

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