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With Election Over, BetterInvesting's Mutual Fund Handbook,
Tools Help Investors Address Critical Year-End Questions

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich., Nov. 8, 2012 Now that the presidential election is over, investors should track progress in Washington regarding tax legislation and begin consulting with advisers on possible changes to their portfolios, says BetterInvesting, a nonprofit investment education association. To help individual investors assess their mutual fund holdings, BetterInvesting has released a revised and updated ebook edition of its Mutual Fund Handbook.

"Tax cuts from the George W. Bush era are due to expire at the end of this year, and though no one knows yet what ultimately will occur with these rates, investors need to understand the implications to their portfolios," says Adam Ritt, BetterInvesting's director of communications and the handbook's executive editor. "Though Main Street investors shouldn't make investment decisions based on tax implications alone, the handbook provides commonsense education and guidelines so that they can make informed decisions about their mutual funds' performance and management. Armed with the knowledge from the handbook, they can have meaningful discussions with advisers on any potential changes to their 401(k)s and other portfolios."

The handbook, revised by Danielle Schultz, CFP, employs BetterInvesting's online tools to select, compare and monitor stock and bond mutual funds and ETFs. "Danielle brought not only her professional expertise and great writing skills but also her perspective as a Lifetime Member of BetterInvesting," Ritt says. "We were also lucky to have a great base to build on with the previous work by Amy Buttell."

Available as either an ebook or PDF, the Mutual Fund Handbook may be ordered from the BetterInvesting store

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BetterInvesting is a national nonprofit organization that has been empowering individual investors since 1951. Founded in Detroit, the association (formerly known as National Association of Investors Corporation) was borne out of the conviction that anyone can become a successful long-term investor by following commonsense investing practices. BetterInvesting has helped more than 5 million people become better, more informed investors by providing webinars, in-person events, easy-to-use online tools for analyzing stocks and mutual funds, a monthly magazine and a community of volunteers and like-minded investors. For more information about BetterInvesting, visit its website at www.betterinvesting.org or call toll free (877) 275-6242. For additional BetterInvesting data and news releases, visit the Media Center at www.betterinvesting.org/mediacenter.

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