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In Detroit Free Press Article, BetterInvesting’s Zaracki Calls Clubs ‘a Learning Lab for Investing’

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich., Oct. 21, 2013 BetterInvesting is a 62-year-old organization that got its start promoting investment clubs, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise when its CEO, Kamie Zaracki, tells folks to take advantage of any 401(k) plan offered by their workplace. In a recent Detroit Free Press article, Kamie explains that it’s all about financial empowerment, and everyone should take advantage of any matching funds from an employer.

Many people prefer to have it both ways: a mutual fund at the office and a personal portfolio at home. To really ratchet up your money-making opportunities, one option is to join an investment club to learn more about buying and selling stocks. Clubs, Kamie says, are a “learning lab for investing.”

The article by personal finance writer Susan Tompor notes that many outsiders enjoy tracking the top stock picks of BetterInvesting’s member investment clubs, which are available at the BetterInvesting website as the Most Active List.

“The BetterInvesting Top 100 Index, which comprises the most popular holdings of investment clubs, showed an annual increase of 15.6% for the previous five years through Sept. 30. That compares with a gain of 13.8% for the Standard & Poor’s Equal-Weight Index,” Tompor writes.

Track the Top 100 on Nasdaq’s website under the ticker BIXX.

Tompor notes that when the market is on an upswing, the interest in investment clubs rallies, too.

“Of course, they’re excited about the market because they’re watching their investments grow,” Kamie says in the article.

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