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BetterInvesting California Volunteer Also Shines as Southwest Airlines ‘Star’

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. — Ron Bruyn, who’s an operations supervisor at John Wayne Airport (SNA) in Orange County, Calif., was recently profiled as the Star of the Month in “Spirit,” the Southwest Airlines magazine. A former platoon sergeant in the U.S. Army, Ron teaches financial investment classes for his local chapter of BetterInvesting. Read more about his fascinating, globe-trotting background here.

Empowering investors since 1951, BetterInvesting is the brand identity of the National Association of Investors Corporation, a national, nonprofit association with members consisting of individual investors and investment clubs. With headquarters in Madison Heights, Mich., BetterInvesting is considered the voice of the individual investor, as well as the pioneer of the modern investment club movement. BetterInvesting is dedicated to providing a sound program of investment education and information to help its members become successful long-term, lifetime investors. For more information about BetterInvesting, visit its website at www.betterinvesting.org or call toll free (877) 275-6242. For additional BetterInvesting data and news releases, visit the Media Center at www.betterinvesting.org/mediacenter.


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