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BetterInvesting Magazine Releases
August's Stock to Study and Undervalued Stock Choices
for Investors’ Informational and Educational Use

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. – June 6, 2008 – The Editorial Advisory and Securities Review Committee of BetterInvesting Magazine today announced Danaher Corporation (NYSE: DHR) as its August 2008 “Stock to Study” and O’Reilly Automotive Inc. (NDQ: ORLY) as its August “Undervalued Stock” for investors’ informational and educational use.  

“The committee chose Danaher Corporation because of its excellent management, marked by a strong history of making selective acquisitions, and prospects for future growth,” said Adam Ritt, editor of BetterInvesting Magazine. “Management was also a key factor in selecting O’Reilly Automotive as the Undervalued Stock. The company has outperformed peers during the current downturn and has a significant opportunity to improve operations at CSK, which it’s acquiring.”  

Check BetterInvesting Magazine’s August issue for more details about these selections.   

Committee members are Robert M. Bilkie Jr., CFA; Daniel J. Boyle, CFA; Philip S. Dano, CFA; Donald E. Danko, CFA; Maury Elvekrog, CFA; Kenneth S. Janke Sr.; Walter J. Kirchberger, CFA; Marisa Lenhard, CFA; and Donald T. Spindel, CFA.      

The BetterInvesting committee’s Stock to Study and Undervalued Stock choices are for the informational and educational uses of investors and are not intended as investment recommendations. BetterInvesting urges investors to educate themselves about the stock market so they can make informed decisions about stock purchases. 

BetterInvesting Magazine is published monthly by BetterInvesting.  

BetterInvesting is the brand identity of the National Association of Investors Corporation, a national, nonprofit association with members consisting of individual investors and investment clubs. Founded in 1951 and with headquarters in Madison Heights, Mich., BetterInvesting is considered the voice of the individual investor, as well as the pioneer of the modern investment club movement. BetterInvesting is dedicated to providing a sound program of investment education and information to help its members become successful long-term, lifetime investors.


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