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Contact Information: 



Bonnie Reyes                                                                    Mark Robertson
BetterInvesting                                                                   Manifest Investing LLC
248-583-6242, Ext. 449                                                   312-224-1698
bonnier@betterinvesting.org                                          markr@manifestinvesting.com   
www.betterinvesting.org                                                  www.manifestinvesting.com

BetterInvesting and Manifest Investing Reach Marketing Agreement

Madison Heights, MI and Rochester, MI – Non-profit BetterInvesting, the nation’s leading provider of investor education, has announced an agreement with Manifest Investing LLC, under which the organizations will jointly market Manifest’s online investing services. 

Manifest services are delivered through www.manifestinvesting.com, a website that enables users to create and manage investment portfolios through easy-to-use online “dashboards.” Advanced site functionality allows investors to establish the quality rating of a stock or mutual fund based on projected annual returns, forecasted growth and other key variables. The Manifest site is subscription based and includes a monthly e-newsletter. 

“The Manifest program is based on investing principles long championed by BetterInvesting,” notes BetterInvesting president and COO, Bonnie Reyes. “This agreement is a natural extension of our mission of investor empowerment and provides both investor opportunity and added support for our ongoing member programs”.

The agreement calls for BetterInvesting to refer members and others visiting its website to the Manifest website, as a means of building Manifest’s subscriber base. The referral program will be supported by a jointly developed and funded marketing program, with BetterInvesting receiving a portion of program revenues.



About BetterInvesting

BetterInvesting is the brand identity of the National Association of Investors Corporation (NAIC), a national, nonprofit association with members consisting of individual investors and investment clubs. Founded in 1951 and with headquarters in Madison Heights, Mich., BetterInvesting is considered the voice of the individual investor, as well as the pioneer of the modern investment club movement. BetterInvesting is dedicated to providing a program of sound investment education and information to help its members become successful long-term investors.  

About Manifest Investing

Rochester, Michigan-based Manifest Investing provides resources for research and portfolio management to enable individual investors to learn how to become successful, strategic long-term investors. Founder and Managing Partner Mark Robertson wrote an investment advisory newsletter from 1993-98 before serving as Senior Contributing Editor for BetterInvesting Magazine from 1998-2004.

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