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Local events and classes are sponsored by the D.C. Regional Chapter of BetterInvesting, and are the result of the efforts of a dedicated group of local volunteers who give freely of their time and knowledge.

Benefits of Volunteering --

  • Attend classes offered by D.C. Regional Chapter at no or low cost.
  • Learn more about investing and the BetterInvesting methods from expert national directors.
  • Associate with other enthusiastic people interested in investing the BetterInvesting  way. 
  • Help others in your community learn more about investing.
  • Learn new information to take back to your club or your personal investing.

Volunteers assist the Chapter with a wide variety of functions, including the following:


  • Publicity - write or arrange press releases or advertisements in local newspapers, community education brochures, etc.
  • Facilities - find and book facilities to hold chapter events
  • Teachers - good knowledge of the BetterInvesting tools and some teaching experience.
  • Membership & club services - visit new and existing clubs (club calls)
  • Event registration
  • Planning and/or staffing events
  • Desktop publishing - flyers, newsletters and postcards.
  • Equipment setup
  • Chapter Contact - answer phone/e-mail questions and requests. 
  • E-mail list administration
  • Web page administration
  • Developing youth investing programs
  • Hospitality - organize refreshments at chapter events
  • Social Media - develops and maintains a social media site for the chapter.
  • Class monitor/assistant - help answer individual questions at chapter classes.
  • Presentation creator - create Powerpoint presentation for various classes.

For additional information contact the Chapter Contact, Kathleen Emmons at kathy@emmonsgroup.com.

We offer new volunteer training sessions several times throughout the year. Come join the fun and help teach others about BetterInvesting .

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