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Volunteers Needed: 

Volunteers Needed:
Our chapter directors work hard to provide members with quality educational classes and events for our region. And, there is always a need for more volunteers to join the Board of Directors and assist with the many duties the Board has to perform.

You don't have to be an investment expert or ha
ve complete knowledge of using the Stock Selection Guide (SSG) and BetterInvesting investment tools. In fact, becoming a Board member is the best way to learn about investing the BetterInvesting way. You will have the opportunity to be trained with your fellow directors.

We currently need members who are interested and/or have expertise in:

General publicity: Social Media, contact print; 
  using audio and visual media; access to radio, 
  TV station or newspaper use; can write
  content for news releases and brochures, etc.

Teachers and Mentors: One of the best
  ways to improve your skills of the
  BetterInvesting investment philosophy and use
  of tools is to become a teacher or mentor. We
  have experienced teachers who will mentor,
  guide and model the instruction of  any and all
  areas in which you have an  interest.

Assist with in person and online classes
Contacting members: Reach out to new and 
  current members and clubs.

We welcome volunteers with "open arms"! We are a caring and supportive group that is dedicated to helping fellow investors. Please contact, Vivian Thomas at viviannee@yahoo.com or attend one of our Board meetings to meet the directors and share with us your interests.

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