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OKI 2010-11 Color Newsletter Newsletters
07Fall08SpringNewsletter Newsletters
04SpringNewsletter Newsletters
2012-13 Newsletter Newsletters
2010_11 NL_FrtPage Newsletters
2011-12 OKI Tri-State Chapter Newsletter Newsletters
05fallnewsletter Newsletters
FrontCover2011-12Newsletter Newsletters
2008/2009 Newsletter Newsletters
SpringEvent2013Thumbnail.jpg Newsletters
CinMIC Anniversary Header Newsletters
03FallNewsletter Newsletters
05SpringNewsletter Newsletters
Spring Event 2013 Newsletters Jim & Gretchen Hurt with Mark Robinson
2009-10 OKI Newsletter Newsletters Revised with Dene Alden as CinMIC contact and Evenbrite Fee wording changed again.
2013 Spring Event Portfolio Tune-Up Newsletters
06fallnewsletter Newsletters
2011-2012 Newsletter Newsletters
04FallNewsletter Newsletters
2009-10 OKI Events Calendar Newsletters
06springnewsletter Newsletters
07SpringNewsletter Newsletters
03SpringNewsletter Newsletters
20160608OKIChapterBoardMeetingMinutes public
OKITriStateChapter Image1.thumb.jpeg public OKITriStateChapter Image1 Thumbnail
2015 CFS logo public
OnLine Classes Descriptions and Schedule.pdf public
Gene Kimbrew public
CinMIC Members at Work public
Jim and Gretchen Teaching public
Peer Awards public
stockpickerspic public
EduFest in Dayton.pdf public
Sept. 6th Guest Visitor public
Free_Mini_Classes_Jim public
2008-09 Events Calendar public
How To Use GoToWebinar public
2008 Annual Meeting public
West/East Investment Club 25th Anniversary public W/E Club 25th Anniversary
Roundtable public
Women Of Wow Pic public
What is an Aggressive SSG? public
GretchenHurtAVSE public
2015 11 11 OKI Chapter Board Meeting Minutes public
VL public With Phrase
GoToWebinar Logo public
"SPRING" Educational Event public
OKI Xmas 2014 public
Industry Averages August 2011 public
EduFestinDaytonRegistration.pdf public
Sept 2010 Industry Averages public
OKI 2012-13 Newsletter public
Event Calendar and Registration Form public Current thru June 2008
Marge Daniels Report public
Industry Averages Mar2010 public
2014 Board public
2015-04 Board Minutes public
Contest Rules public
Gene Kimbrew public
OKI Outreach Group public
2016 02 10 OKI Chapter Board Meeting Minutes public
Toolkit's Preferred Procedure public upd 8-26-11
CinMIC public Cincinnati Model Investment Club
20160511OKIChapterBoardMeetingMinutes.pdf public
Lelsy Sedlitz Report public
The Winner's Portfolios public
West Chester Library public
OKI 2010-11 Event Calendar public With New CinMic Info
Emeritus public
OKI Model Clubs public new graphics & Cinmic location
Doing An Industry Study public
2015-03 Board Minutes public
growthscreen public
Lifetime awards public
OKI_Participating_Clubs public
Ken Kavula public
2015 Web pig with date.jpg public
Sept 2010 Industry Averages public
Ken and Mark public
OKI_Participating_Clubs.xlsx public
mouse&keyboard public
Grow Your Future...Invest In The Best public 2014 Spring Event
2007 OKI Annual Meeting public A review of the November OKI Annual Meeting
How Can Earnings Growing Faster Than Sales public
PGEES Investment Club public
Melting Pot Anniversary Photo public
Is This a Cyclical Stock? public
DayMIC public
GeneK public
20160407OKIChapterBoardMeetingMinutes.pdf public
Roger Stafford Report public
OHara Awards public
Spring Event 380 public
Blue Chip Club public anniversary photo of club
2009-10 StockpickersContestRegistration public
CinMIC2009 public
What About Company Size? public
Meridan Logo public 2013 Spring Event Sponsor
Ed Bierman and Family public
West Chester Library Location public map for library in West Chester OH
OKI_Newsletter_2010_11_Web_Edition.pdf public
Dwyer Awards public
Why is Company Debt So Important? public
2017FALLEVENT public
Contest Registration Form public
Audio Best Practices.pdf public A list of Audio Devices for GTW
2016 Annual Meeting public
White Tail Investment Club 2008 public Four generations of investors.
Is This A Growth Company? public
2015 Investors Education Day Flyer public
2014 Model Club Brochure public new updated copy with current info
JimHurtAVSE public
Analysis of Financials.pdf public
2009 Annual Meeting Group public
2011 CinMIC Group public
2009-02 Freed Up Financial Living public
Garden Party Header public
2015 pig public
2008 StockPickers Contest public
2014 OKI Board public
Industry Averages Mar2010 public
Eventbrite Logo public
2007/2008 Event Registration Form public Current thru June 2008
Profiting From PEs public
2008-09 Events Registration Form public
okitri-register.pdf public
Volunteer Application public Volunteer Application
Know Thy Company - Management Can Provide Important Information public
2015 Board public
Return On Equity (ROE) - Management's Report Card public
Contest Registration public
Diversification Table.pdf public Portfolio Diversification Table
Dividends_OKI_MiniEd.pdf public
2009 Annual Meeting public
20160309OKIChapterBoardMeeting Minutes public
Education_is_the_Key.jpg public
OKITriStateChapter Image1.jpeg public OKITriStateChapter Image1
OKI 2012-13 NewsLtr_Frnt_Pg public
2015-09-26 Annual Planning Meeting public
Free_Mini_Classes2 public
Jim and Gretchen Hurt with sponsors public
OKI-Tri-StateWeb.jpg public
Jim and Gretchen Hurt AVSE public
2010 Annual Meeting Details and Pictures public
hall of fame emeritis.jpg public
GTM SSG Class public Fall 2008
Relative_Value_OKI_MiniEd.pdf public
Terms Description Industry Averages public
Newsletter w shadow.jpg public
What is a Cash Flow Statement? public
GTM Club Accounting class public Fall 2008
TreasurersClass08 public
2015 Duke Logo public
stockpickerssmall public
2015-02 Board Minutes public
Duke Energy Presenter public Joe Crapster, Investor Relations, Duke Energy
Julie Farkas public
2016_Spring_Event_Flyer.pdf public
2008 Club Officers Brunch public
A Brief Overview of the Value Line public
Gene and Ken public
2015-06 Board Minutes public
Education_is_the_Key.jpg public
20160810OKIChapterBoardMeetingMinutes public
2013 Board public
2012 OKI Educational Events Calendar public
Fifth Sunday Club public anniversary photo
CWIC Anniversary Photo public
2017FALLEVENT public
National award winners.jpg public
Industry Averages August 2011 public
Reits - Part One public
Doors To Tomorrow public
2013GoToWebinar_Attendee_QuickRef_Guide.pdf public added 8-2-13 mkt
Value Line Logo public
Classes To Clubs public Gene Senter teaching at Dayton EduFest
Marge Daniels public
Reits - Part Two public
2009 Roundtable Presentation by Marty.jpg public
Spring Event Theme public
Free Mini public new edition Sept 1 2009, smaller lecturer in relation to title
Jim Hurt Service Award public
WE Web Photo public
2012 OKI Board public
2014 Spring Theme public
2016 OKI Board public
Agenda-62007.doc public
Image 2014 Spring Event chapter-resources Grow Your Future - Invest In The Best
OKI Lt Gry chapter-resources OKI Lt Gry
Image-Spring Event 2014 r1 chapter-resources Image-Spring Event 2014r1
March 29 Registration Form chapter-resources
image_clubs_joinaclub.jpg chapter-resources
2013 Web Board chapter-resources
WestChester Library.jpg chapter-resources
OKI Blue chapter-resources OKI Blue
Photo Gallery chapter-resources Collection of Photos from 2008 Spring Dayton EduFest
2011 Annual Meeting chapter-resources

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