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Event Cost Accounting s-jersey Describes the financial accounting for an event. Please submit to the Treasurer
Expense Voucher s-jersey Describes the expenses incurred for the Chapter. Please submit to the Treasurer
Generic Club Introduction s-jersey An introduction to a Club from a Chapter Director. This should be used for club visits.
sjerseyhome.gif chapter-resources
Event Registration public Event Registration
South-JerseyWeb.jpg public
PMIandIIforwebpage.doc public
New Club public
Movin Your Club Forward public Power Point Presentation
October newsletter-final-10-19-10.pdf public
Stock Study public SSG- stock Study 11/6/10
Value Line public
Controlling Your Investments.docx public
Registration Form public
REGISTRATION FORM public Edu Fair Reg. Form
SJ0311NL.pdf Newsletters

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