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Title Type Description
Registration Form public Placeholder for the latest Registration Form
PA Cinci.doc public PA - Cinci - article 'Model Club Resources' #971
Hotel Suggestions.doc public Hotel Suggestions
Member Withdrawal Form - Partial.doc public MC - Member Withdrawal Form - Partial
BIRC 2007 Flyer public
04fallnewsletter.pdf public
PERT Summary 11_18_05.pdf public MC_PERT_Summary_200511
Minutes 1-12-04.doc public Board Meeting Minutes January 2004
NAIC Winter 2005 Final.pdf public NL Winter 2005
class_descriptions 1 .pdf public Class Descriptions BIRC 2006
Minutes 10-6-04.doc public Board Meeting Minutes October 2004
PERT_3_0405.pdf public MC PERT SUMMARY 04/2005
Ten.ssg public SSG Ten public MC SSG's
PERT_07_13_06.pdf public MC_PERT_200607.pdf
Cinci OP.doc public OP - Cinci - article 'Model Club Resources' #971
Club Visitation.doc public Club Visitation Form
Restaurant Industry ValueLine report public
BIRC2006_Class_Descriptions.pdf public BIRC2006_Class_Descriptions.pdf
2008 Fall Class Descriptions public 2nd page of registration form
semich-ssg-quiz.pdf public Stock Selection Guide Quiz
Six.ssg public SSG Six
ROE - Model Club Ed Topic.PDF public MC - ROE
Starbucks ValueLine Report Sept2007 public
SE MI Regis Only.pdf public BIRC Registration Form
Two.ssg public SSG Two
PERT_07_14_05.pdf public MC_PERT_07_14_05.pdf
Club_vs_Index.pdf public MC_vs_index
Four.ssg public SSG Four
Registration Fall 2008 public 2 page Registration and Class description form with embedded links to online eventbrite registration
kick-off evaluation 2004.doc public Fall Kick-off evaluation form
BI Convention 2003.doc public BI Convention 2003 by Leo
PERT_1_0405.pdf public MC PERT 04/2005
Cbh.ssg public MC SSG for CBH
05fallnewsletter.pdf public
SUMMARY_07_14_05.pdf public MC_SUMMARY_07_14_05.pdf
PERT 11_18_05.pdf public MC_PERT_200511
PA_midmich.doc public PA - MidMichigan - article 'Model Club Resources' #971
BIRC 2007 Schedule public
Snv.itk public MC SNV-VL SSG
Summary_06_14_2005.pdf public MC PERT Summary June 2005
PERT_05_19_2005.pdf public MC PERT 2005 05
Portfolio Management.xls public MC Portfolio Management.xls public September 2004 Model Club Files
Minutes 4-11-05.doc public Board Meeting Minutes 200504 public MC_Aug_2005_VL
Facilities Investigation Request Form.pdf public Facility Investigation Request Form
Minutes Ann Meet 5-2-05.doc public Board Meeting 2005-05 (Annual Meeting)
SEM NAIC MC OP v3.pdf public MC - Operating Procedures
Executive Committee Report October2003.doc public October 2003 Executive Committee Report - article 'Executive Committee Reports' #780
SEMI Fall 2010 Registration Form public Added Treasurer eventbrite link
BIRC 2007 Class Descriptions public
semich-sclquiz.pdf public Stock Check List Quiz public MC_Resources_Oct_05
One.ssg public SSG One
NAIC Model Club 1-15-05 public MC - January 2005 Resources
LearnaboutBetterInvestingsOnlineMutualFundEducationandResourceCenter Image1.gif public LearnaboutBetterInvestingsOnlineMutualFundEducationandResourceCenter Image1
Acs.pdf public MC ACS.pdf
Class Investment Tracks.pdf public Class Investment Tracks
MC_Voting.xls public MC_Voting.xls
Minutes 4-12-04.doc public Board Meeting 2004-04
Minutes 6-14-04.doc public Board Meeting Minutes June 2004
Wal_Deep_Dive.doc public MC_Wal_Deep_Dive.doc
PERT_03_21_06.pdf public MC PERT MARCH 2006
map.pdf public Holiday Inn Convention Center layout
05winternewsletter.pdf public
Pitts OP.txt public OP - Pittsburgh - article 'Model Club Resources' #971 public November Model Club Resources
Winter 2009 Registration Form public Winter 2009 Registration Form
Dec sched. bios and class descrip.pdf public BIRC Schedule and Class Descriptions
Volunteer application.doc public Volunteer Application
Board meetings schedule.pdf public Board Meeting Schedule
TREND_06_15_06.pdf public MC_TREND_200606
Descriptions of Hands-on Computer Classes.pdf public Descriptions of Hands-on Computer Classes
Friday schedule and classes.pdf public BIRC Friday Schedule and Classes
BetterInvestingRegionalConferenceGreatLakesCoalition Image1.gif public BetterInvestingRegionalConferenceGreatLakesCoalition Image1
Companies.pdf public BIRC Corporate Speakers and Exhibitors
SE-MichiganWeb.jpg public
BIRC2006_Registration_Form.pdf public BIRC2006_Registration_Form.pdf
StandarofConduct2004.doc public Standard of Conduct Agreement
To Sell or to Hold Checklis.doc public To Sell or Hold Checklist
scottjpeg2.jpg public
Minutes Ann Meet 5-10-04.doc public Board Meeting 2004-05 (Annual Meeting)
VolunteerTrifold2005.doc public Volunteer Tri-fold 2005
SUMMARY_03_21_06.pdf public MC PERT Summary March 2006
BIRC 2007 Registration Form public
Minutes Ann Meet 5-2-05.doc public Minutes Annual meeting 2005
SSG Series Class Descriptions.pdf public SSG Series Class Descriptions
BIRC2006_Event_Schedule.pdf public BIRC2006_Event_Schedule.pdf
Winter06newsletter.pdf public
SEM Chapter Newsletter 2015 .doc public
Summary_05_19_2005.pdf public MC PERT Summary 2005 05
06fallnewsletter.pdf public
SEM NAIC MC PA v3.pdf public MC - Partnership Agreement
McDonalds ValueLine Report Sept2007 public
ModelClub05_21_2005_Portfolio_Mgmt_and_PERT.pdf public MC_Portfolio_Mgmt_and_PERT
RAD.SSG public Rite Aid SSG
PERT_06_15_06.pdf public MC_PERT_200606
2010 Calendar public 2010 SEMI Calendar
2005_12_01_Event_Schedule.pdf public Event Schedule BIRC 2006
Member Withdrawal Form - Complete.doc public MC - Member Withdrawal Form - Complete
Education Committee Report Oct 2003.doc public October 2003 education report - article 'Education Committee Reports' #1355 public MC_2005_July_files
Saturday schedule and classes.pdf public BIRC Saturday Schedule and Classes
BIRC Director Registration Form.pdf public DIR REGISTRATION
Minutes 9-13-04.doc public Board Meeting Minutes September 2004
2009 Fall Registration Form public SE MI 2009 Fall Registration Form
CALENDAR OF EVENTS Sept04.pdf public Calendar of Events
S and P Data Worksheet.pdf public S & P data worksheet
Favorite_web_sites_May05.pdf public Ann's Favorite Financial Web Sites
Wag.ssg public Walgreen SSG
NYSEBell.jpg public NYSEClosingBellJan06
Dancing Again With the Bear and the Bull.pdf public Dancing Again
2007Spring_Registration.pdf public
Prospective Member Application Form.doc public MC - Prospective Member Application Form
Pitts PA.txt public PA - Pittsburgh - article 'Model Club Resources' #971
Pauls email.txt public Paul's email - article 'Model Club Resources' #971
Minutes 2-9-04.doc public Board Meeting Minutes February 2004
06winternewsletter.pdf public
PERT_Aug_2005.pdf public MC_Aug_PERT
Board Mtg.Oct.03.doc public October Minutes - article 'Board Meeting Minutes' #813
Portfolio_Summary_10_14_2005.pdf public MC_Summary_Oct_2005 public MC Oct 04 Industry Study Files
WMT_Ann_Rpt_Analysis.xls public MC_WMT_Ann_Rpt_Analysis.xls
PERT_10_14_2005.pdf public MC_PERT_Oct_05
PortfolioSummary_07_13_06.pdf public MC_PortfolioSummary_200607.pdf
Registration Form.pdf public Registration Form BIRC 2006
Summary_Aug_2005.pdf public MC_Aug_Summary
On the road class list.pdf public Road Classes
jeopardy-2005-sandy.ppt public CompuFest 2005 Jeopardy game
2007Fall_Registration.pdf public
Csc.pdf public MC CSC.pdf
Minutes 1-10-05.doc public Board Meeting Minutes 2005 January
PERT_06_14_2005.pdf public MC PERT June 2005
Revised Calendar of Events public
LearntoSelectStockstheBetterInvestingWay Image1.gif public LearntoSelectStockstheBetterInvestingWay Image1
semich-vl-walmart.pdf public Walmart Valueline
03-04 CG Schedule.pdf public 2003-04 Computer Group Schedule
Minutes 3-8-04.doc public Board Meeting 2004-03
2012 Big Event registration public
WMT.SSG public SSG test - article 'Feature Article Test' #370
Class Descriptions.pdf public Description of Classes
Pittsburgh.txt chapter-resources Chapter Lore - article 'Model Club Resources' #971
Teaching Survey.doc chapter-resources Teaching Survey
SEM Committees.xls chapter-resources Committees
Portfolio Tune-up Presentation by K. Kavula chapter-resources
Model-Clubs.pdf chapter-resources Model Clubs - article 'Model Club Resources' #971
Communications Report January 04.doc chapter-resources Communication Committee Report January 2004
Communications Report April 04.doc chapter-resources Communication Committee April 2004
Computer Group Report January 04.doc chapter-resources CG 2004-01 (Jan)
Communications Report October 03.doc chapter-resources Communication Committee Report October 2003
Milagereport.doc chapter-resources Mileage report
Sample club discussion notes chapter-resources Sample notes prepared by instructor to lead a club portfolio tune-up.
Mentor training.doc chapter-resources Mentoring Program (Draft)
CALENDAR OF EVENTS Sept04-Jun05.pdf chapter-resources Calendar of Events Sept04 to June05
Computer Group Report November 03.doc chapter-resources CG 2003-11 (Nov)
SEM_logo_2005.JPG chapter-resources logo
SSG cheat sheet chapter-resources Annotated SSG with notes
BIRC_Director_Registration_Form_2006.pdf chapter-resources Director Registration BIRC 06
Computer Group Report October 03.doc chapter-resources CG 2003-10 (Oct)
Mentor preference form.doc chapter-resources Mentor preference form
Communications Report September 03.doc chapter-resources Communication Committee Report September 2003
Minutes4-21-04 Exec.doc chapter-resources Board Meeting 2004-04 exec comm
Operations committee report Jan. 2004.doc chapter-resources Operations Committee Report January 2004
Dec Dir Regis with Spouse.pdf chapter-resources BIRC Director Registration Form
Computer Group Report February 04.doc chapter-resources CG 2004-02 (Feb)
Computer Group Report September 03.doc chapter-resources CG 2003-09 (Sept)
Communications Report November 03.doc chapter-resources Communication Committee Report November 2003
Communications Report February 04.doc chapter-resources Communication Committee Report February 2004
Job ASSIGNMENT Preference Form.doc chapter-resources Job assignment preference form
SEM Library.xls chapter-resources Chapter Materials Library
image_clubs_joinaclub.jpg chapter-resources
Education Committee Report Nov 2003.doc chapter-resources Education Committee Report November 2003
Supplies Order Form.doc chapter-resources Supplies Order Form
SEM_logo_2005_square.JPG chapter-resources Square logo
Issues for Model Club.doc chapter-resources Issues - article 'Model Club Resources' #971
Sample Club Tune-Up PowerPoint chapter-resources Sample slides of what is typically shown at a club Portolio Tune-Up.
Mentor training.doc chapter-resources Mentor Program
Education Committee Report March 2004.doc chapter-resources Education Committee Report March 2004
NEW VOLUNTEER TRAINING V2.doc chapter-resources New Volunteer Development (Draft)
Education Committee Report Sept 2003.doc chapter-resources Education Committee Report September 2003
Communications Report March 04.doc chapter-resources CC Report March 2004
Computer Group Report March 04.doc chapter-resources CG 2004-03 (Mar)
BIRC 2007 Director Registration Form chapter-resources
SEM Label.doc chapter-resources SEM labels
Education Committee Report Feb. 2004.doc chapter-resources Education Committee Report February 2004
Education Committee Report Jan. 2004.doc chapter-resources Education Committee Report January 2004
Expense Vouncher.doc chapter-resources Expense Report
Portfolio Tune-Up Instructions chapter-resources Director instructions to help prepare and lead a Portfolio Tune-Up session for a club.
Shadow Observation Record.doc chapter-resources Shadow observations record
SEM Policy Statement.doc chapter-resources SE Michigan Policy Statement
SE Michigan Chapter Newsletter-Fall 2007.pdf Newsletters
200902 Newsletters Fall 2009 SEM Newsletter
SEM Chapter Newsletter Winter Spring 2015 Newsletters Spring Education Event Stockfest 2015
200801 Newsletters
Winter 2009 SE michigan newsletter Newsletters Winter 2009 SE michigan newsletter
SEM Chapter Newsletter Winter/Spring 2015 Newsletters
SEM Newsletter . ready for print.pdf Newsletters
BI_Newsletter_200702.pdf Newsletters
SE Michigan Feb 2010 E-newsletter Newsletters 1st attempt at an E-newsletter
Fall 2008 SE Michigan Chapter Newsletter Newsletters

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