The Senate's FIFO Tax Proposal
Is Bad for Individual Investors
Use This Letter to Write to Your Representatives in Congress


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Recruiting New KC Model Club Members public Application for new model club members
0212ColumbiaStocksClass.jpg public
2012 Fall Workshop Brochure.pdf public
KansasCityWeb.jpg public
KC REGISTERATION FORM w-email.pdf public
Application KC Model Investment Club (Long).doc public
PicturesofKCDirectorsatCOMPUFEST2004 Image1.jpeg public PicturesofKCDirectorsatCOMPUFEST2004 Image1
ATributetoPhilStonestreetKCBetterInvestingDIrector Image1.jpeg public ATributetoPhilStonestreetKCBetterInvestingDIrector Image1
5 clubs with VAC public
TK.jpg chapter-resources
Allen Holdsworth chapter-resources
Sheila Wyss, President, KC BI Chapter chapter-resources
Dennis Boatright chapter-resources
Bob Adams chapter-resources
Ron Bruyn chapter-resources
Bakul Lalla chapter-resources
Stock Check List.jpg chapter-resources
Steve Kovzan chapter-resources
BDR_Logo_186_320.jpg chapter-resources
Portfolio Managment.jpg chapter-resources
VL WMT.jpg chapter-resources
Successful Investing Starts Here chapter-resources Picture of people attending a class
Cy Lynch chapter-resources
WestarLogo.jpg chapter-resources
VAC List 170130 chapter-resources VAC List 170130
Ken Kavula chapter-resources
Kansas-CityWeb.jpg chapter-resources
JKHYLogo.gif chapter-resources
KCBetterInvestingSendsFarewellBestWishestoBettyandBobTaylor Image1.jpeg chapter-resources KCBetterInvestingSendsFarewellBestWishestoBettyandBobTaylor Image1
Doug Gerlach chapter-resources
SSG I.jpg chapter-resources
SSG II.jpg chapter-resources
Sheila-color chapter-resources
Wichita_with_Mark chapter-resources
image_clubs_joinaclub.jpg chapter-resources
TK 5.jpg chapter-resources
VAC List 170130 chapter-resources VAC List 170130
Mark Robertson chapter-resources
Gary Ball chapter-resources
CA3 logo.jpg chapter-resources
NAIC BI Seminar-Leav Library.doc chapter-resources BI Campaign Seminar
2017 Winter Spring.pdf Newsletters
2017 April KC Investor Workshop Newsletters

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