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Great_Plains_Newsletter.pdf Newsletters
2009-2010 Newsletter Newsletters Newsletter has a listing classes and events for Iowa for the 2009-2010 year.
03newsletter.pdf Newsletters
2009-2010 Newsletter Newsletters Newsletter has a listing of classes and events for Iowa for the 2009-2010 year.
2010-2011 Newsletter Newsletters This newsletter was published in the fall of 2010
2010 Great Plains BIRC Newsletters This is the newsletter for the 2010 Great Plains BIRC
Great Plains BIRC Newsletters Save this date
Mid-March BIRC3.pdf Newsletters
Newsletter Spring 2009.doc Newsletters
Stop sign public clip art
Understanding Management- Pre-tax Profit public This is an educational segement on Understanding Management Row 2A of the SSG--Pre-tax profit
Central-IowaWeb.jpg public
Gretchen pictue.JPG public Gretchen Hurt picture
James Hurt public picture, James Hurt
Education Segment public Size and Expectations-- a short class for clubs education
Directions for Education Chair public This is the set of directions for the Club Education Chair.
Education Segment public This is a free education segment that clubs can use for education.
Understanding Percent Payout public a short class for club education
A Look at Debt on Your SSG public This is an education segment for clubs and individuals.
NewsboyclipartThumbnail.png public
Class Descriptions for Special Event public This is a listing of the classes with a short description of each class.
Heartland-volunteer.pdf public Volunteer Form - article 'Heartland Chapter Volunteer Form' #902
Iowa public Iowa Map
Gretchen H. public photo Gretchen Hurt
Notes page for Visual Analysis of SSG public This is the instructors note pages for Visual Analysis of the SSG
GretchenpictueThumbnail.JPG public
Newsboy clip art public
Participating Clubs in Heartland Chapter public update 11-18-2016
teacher public clip art to be used on the home page
Eastern Iowa Education Day public This is a list of classes and descriptions for Education Day.
Jim Hurt public small photo
2011 Great Plains Regional Conference public
image_clubsandchapters_events.jpg public
Nov. 2011 Education Day public This is a list of the classes for our Education Day.
stockclipart1Thumbnail.png public
stocks clip art public
Heartland Event Registration Form public Registration via US Mail
Biographies public Short biographies of Ken Kavula and Mark Robertson
Class Notes for Size and Expectations Class public This copy contains the instructor notes for the Size and Expectations class.
Outsmarting Investment Fraud public
2010_Great Plains Regional Conference public This is the 2010 BIRC newsletter
Understanding Management- Pre-tax Profit chapter-resources An educational segment on understanding management using pre-tax profit, row 2A on the SSG

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