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Zipcodes.jpg public Zipcodes Icon
trifold.pdf public
Form502.pdf public VA Tax Form 502
InsertSide1.pdf public Investors Fair 2004 Overview
What Makes a Good Club Checklist 022706.doc public upd 6-10-09
ScheduleVK-1.pdf public VA Tax Schedule VK-1
BI DC Chapter Events 2014 (Nov-Dec) public
03fallnewsletter.pdf public
SPGuide3.pdf public S & P Stock Report Introduction
FAQs for Clubs in FAC 2009-04-06.doc public
2005_DEL_Portfolio_Contest_Format.xls public Portfolio Contest 2005 Form
BIDC Coming Events Dec15 to Jan16 public
Minutesof DCChapter 06May20.doc public Minutes of DCChapter 06May20
Schedule502A.pdf public VA Tax Schedule 502A
Liblinks.pdf public Library Investment Resources
FAC Application Certification in FAC 2009-04-08.doc public
AroundTown.jpg public
Form502SchInst.pdf public VA Tax 502 Instructions
ZipcodeMap.jpg public NAICDC Membership
2016 BI DC Metro Fall Newsletter public
Better Investing DC Chapter Coming Events May-June 2015.pdf public
DC-RegionalWeb.jpg public
Better Investing DC Chapter Coming Events August - September 2016 public
Better Investing DC Chapter Coming Events May-June 2015 public
EastCentral_DC.pdf public DC Zipcode Map
Capitol Investor News Fall 2013 - Spring 2014 public
NAICDCDirectorComputerSkills.xls public
ZipcodeMapSample.jpg public Membership Map
UVA.gif public
White House Logo public Thumbnail of White House for Web site
IF2004Program.pdf public Investors Fair 2004 Program
VAC Participating Clubs in this Chapter DC Regional.xls public
Links0801.pdf public Financial Web Links
White House public White House photo large for resizing
Welcome_to_the_Portfolio_Contest_2005.doc public Portfolio Contest 2005 Instructions
FAQs for Individuals in FAC 2009-04-08.doc public
ClassBadgeLtStock.doc public
0204Minutes.doc public 02/04 Minutes NAICDC
Welcome_to_the_Portfolio_Contest_2006.doc public Portfolio Rules 06
New50.gif public
Links0801.pdf public Internet Investment Resources
BetterInvestingDCMembershipMap Image1.jpeg public BetterInvestingDCMembershipMap Image1
502E2004.pdf public VA Tax 502 Extension
2006_New_DEL_Portfolio_Contest_Format(rev1).xls public Portfolio Form 06
2009 Fall Newsletter Newsletters
CIN-2009-Spring Newsletters Capital Investor News, Spring 2009
2015-2016 Capitol Investor News Newsletters
2010-2011l Newsletter Newsletters upd 9-27
BI DC Chapter - Sep - Oct Events Newsletters
DC Chapter Capitol Investor News 2017 Newsletters
Capitol Investor News - 2016-2017 Newsletters
2014-2015 BI Fall Newsletter v6.pdf Newsletters

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