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Registration Form - SSG Class public
RegistrationUpdate.pdf public Registration Form
group photo 2018 small public
Club Photo public
0706newsletter.pdf public
Financial Fitness For Success Portfolio Contest cooper.doc public Investment Club Portfolio Contest
Workshops11.pdf public Workshops
Financial Fitness Class Schedule4.pdf public Schedule
Channel-IslandsWeb.jpg public
CIC Newsletter 1-08 4 pages.pdf public
new members 2018 small public
0105newsletter.pdf public
groupphoto2018 public
0103newsletter.pdf public
NewMembers2018 public
Club Visitation Form public Upd 01-23-2016 Club Visitation Request Form - article 'Channel Islands Club Visitation Request Form' #1088
image_clubs_joinaclub.jpg chapter-resources
RR Event and Hotel Link1 Newsletters Updated w Montecito Logo
February 2016 Newsletter Newsletters updated 02/28/2016 to incorporate additional info from Carol's newsletter
CIC Newsletter Spring 2018 Newsletters
Registration Form-Cyber Security for Investors Newsletters updated with jeanette's new email and c-phone

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