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Educational Classes

Educational Classes

Portfolio Management Using SSG Plus
04/01/2017, 10:15am - 11:45am

Cedar Roe Library

5120 Cedar St.

Roeland Park, KS (map)


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Cost: Free, Please preregister online

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Optimize growth of your portfolio when adding and removing stocks.

"We will review Better Investing concepts related to portfolio management. We will utilize the SSG Plus tools to create a portfolio, and review a sample portfolio. We will make observations based on the Better Investing concepts, and possibly draw conclusions though no official recommendations will be made.

Each session will open with a topic of interest to all investors, with the last 30 minutes open for discussion and questions concerning stock investing.  Many of our members have asked for an opportunity to discuss specific companies.  This is the opportunity to Talk Stocks.  Bring companies you are interested in, and we can import the information into the SSG Plus program and have a group discussion.

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2017 KC Chapter Investor Education Workshop

KU Edwards Campus

12600 Quivira Rd.
Overland Park KS


Cost: $35 for NAIC/BI members, $40 for nonmembers. $45  registration at the door.

Click on this link to download and read the brochure for our Spring KC BI Investor Education Workshop.

April 22nd Workshop Brochure

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Join us on Saturday, April 22nd from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm at the KU Edwards Campus Room in KC for an opportunity to learn more about

Ken Kavula
 Ken Kavula is the featured speaker.

The Kansas City Chapter of BetterInvesting proudly presents Let's Talk Stock, a day of discussion about investing with Ken Kavula. Ken is popular teacher and has presented programs throughout the country.  He writes for BetterInvesting magazine and audiences say his programs are relatable and enjoyable.  Ken will talk about topics such as finding small companies to add to your portfolio,using and listening to the Stock Selection Guide, buying the best possible companies in an industry group and managing a portfolio the BetterInvesting way.  Throughout the program he will be featuring tools and techniques that are readily available to the BI community.  He will review a few local stock portfolios from clubs int he Kansas City area and will conclude with a Let's Talk Stock session, jam-packed with investment ideas.  Ken will leave ample time for questions and discussion during this entertaining and educational day-long program.

Refreshments and a box lunch will be provided. During the workshop participants will have an opportunity to discuss stocks of interest for a rapid fire look at an SSG and receive commentary from BI directors and Ken. Door prizes will be awarded throughout the session.

Bring your entire club membership to this workshop!

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Don’t miss this opportunity!

Investment clubs attending the seminar will benefit from the shared experience of expanding their research when studying a company and will come away with new ideas for stock studies. Also included are several door prizes for investors, including a Better Investing subscription, Better Investing Handbooks, and a discounted registration for the next Investor Education Workshop to the club with the most attendees.

If you club would like your portfolio reviewd by Ken, submit it to Dennis Boatright at by April 5.  Include your club name, number of members and a list of the stock including number of shares.  The club withthe most member in attendence will will a discount for all members attending at the next workshop,


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