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The Central Indiana Chapter is composed of a group of dedicated volunteers who provide education and support services to BetterInvesting members and clubs in Indianapolis and all of Central Indiana. If you have questions or need additional information, please contact us using the Chapter Contact Information below.

Chapter Contact & Relations:

Model Club:

Computer Group Contact ICEE: Investors Computer Education Earnings

Chapter Officers & Directors

Bob Butz, President
(765) 474-4749 

Kenneth Crowder, Vice President
(317) 358-5582

Roger Brouse, Secretary
(317) 535-7244

Dwight Addison, Treasurer
(317) 448-8442

Chapter Directors

Charles Barker, Education Chairperson
(317) 844-7022

Sam Becker, Model Club President
(317) 862-1668

Sam Hiatt, Marketing
(317) 359-8102

Mary Becker, Assistant Treasurer
(317) 862-1668

Diane Byron, Chapter Relations
(317) 844-5904

Bill Griffith, VP Model Club, Educator
(317) 842-4333

Gene Brown, Computer Group, Model Club
(317) 253-2799

Matt Kreutz, Web Master & Events
(317) 519-1073

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