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Thank you for your interest in BetterInvesting – St. Louis.The purpose of BetterInvesting is to provide an educational opportunity for anindividual to learn, individually or in a club, to make informed investmentdecisions and/or form and operate an investment club according to long-term methodsand principles of BetterInvesting.  Thefour basic principles are: 1) Invest regularly, 2) Reinvest all earnings,dividends and profits, 3) Buy growth equities which have the potential todouble  the value of your portfolio everyfive years, and  4) Diversify yourinvestments. We are a nonprofit educational organization.


Why an Investment Club?

Many think membership helps them become disciplined withregular investing as well as learning the simple principles and judgmentfactors in buying a “good” equity. Investing in the stock market provides ahigher return, over the long-term, than any other investment vehicle. And themagic of compounding allows us to grow those investments with very littleeffort. By pooling funds, the club is able to diversify its holdings moreeasily than an individual investing on their own. By pooling talents, the taskof researching companies can be split up among club partners, reducing theindividual workloads for the benefit of all.


Partners contribute a small amount every month, and mostclubs operate on a one-partner, one vote agenda. Therefore everyone has anequal say in the club’s operation.


First and foremost, you should know that an averagedesire to learn far outweighs any experience in investing. So if you’re new toall this, don’t be afraid to join. It takes investors of all levels, workingtogether, to create the best learning environment. An average person, if motivated,can do an excellent job of building wealth on his or her own.


The St. LouisChapter sponsors an opportunity to see a club as it operates:

 Model Investment Club (MIC)

 Free; open to the public

 meet the 2nd Monday of each month,7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.


You may visit andobserve, asking questions and meeting with members at the end.  Check this site and TV stations’ CommunityCalendars for location and Go-To-Meeting information as the Club has had to bemobile due to library renovations.


Feel free to cometo a meeting and meet fellow investors so you can see that learning about equitiesand investing can be fun.

ValueLine Quick Quality: Many chapter members have asked for this form and article. Here are the links!

Webinar Aides:
In an effort to help chapter members attend webinars, we have presented a few links with helpful tips when attending a webinar.

Speaker Handouts: During a recent visit by Allen Holdsworth, the following information was presented. Enjoy!





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