The Senate's FIFO Tax Proposal
Is Bad for Individual Investors
Use This Letter to Write to Your Representatives in Congress


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Classes On The Road [9/15/2007]
Investment education on YOUR schedule at YOUR location.

Mid-Michigan's Model Club Forms and Guidelines [2/6/2007]
The Mid-Michigan Chapter has graciously allowed our chapter to post the forms and guidelines used by their model club.

BetterInvesting Rings NYSE Bell [9/15/2006]
Directors from BetterInvesting ring the closing bell for the NYSE.

CompuFest 2005 Jeopardy game [9/15/2006]
Jeopardy game debuted at Compufest 2005.

To Sell or Hold Checklist [9/15/2006]
Colleen Mulder-Seward's "To Sell or Hold Checklist" can help make sell decisions easier.

Using OPS Data with Stock Analysis Software [9/15/2006]
SSGs can be completed in minutes using Online Premium Services data and your stock analysis software (Toolkit, Classic, or Stock Analyst).  Read the full article to learn how.

Ann's Favorite Financial Web Sites [9/15/2006]
Check out this list of useful financial web sites.  Whether you want to learn more about an investing topic, such as the Stock Selection Guide, or you are researching a company, this list will guide you to a good resource. 

This list was originally presented by Ann Cuneaz at the 2005 Southeastern Michigan Annual Meeting.


Internal Rate of Return - IRR [9/15/2006]

What is Internal Rate of Return (IRR)?

The Chapter Model Club calculates and reports the IRR on a monthly basis, but what is IRR?

SEM BetterInvesting Model Club Files [9/15/2006]
This page contains links to a number of files used by the Southeastern Michigan BetterInvesting Model Club.

E-mail: Southeast Michigan NAIC Model Club

Find the Right Class for You [9/15/2006]
If you are confused as to which class is best suited to your experience level and interest, this help will clear things up.

Volunteer Application  [9/15/2006]

All individuals wishing to join our board of directors must complete an application and sign a standard of conduct agreement.

Submit a Facility Suggestion [9/15/2006]
Do you have a great facility you would like to tell us about? Here's your chance!

Recommended Reading [9/15/2006]

Favorites books of NAIC investors.

Brokers [9/15/2006]

Trying to find the best broker for you? Here is a list to help get you started.

Investment Websites [9/15/2006]

Favorite websites of BetterInvesting members.

Stock Ideas [9/15/2006]

Here are some great sites to get stock study ideas.

Looking for an investment club to join or new members for your club? [9/15/2006]

Make sure you are following SEC regulations when looking for a club to join or new members for your club. Here's how...

INVESTMENT CLUBS - GETTING STARTED: Government Forms to Start a Club in Michigan [9/15/2006]

There are two pieces of government paper work you must complete to start an investment club in Michigan. Find out what they are and where to get them.

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