The Senate's FIFO Tax Proposal
Is Bad for Individual Investors
Use This Letter to Write to Your Representatives in Congress


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Educational Needs Survey [9/15/2006]
Your Input is important to our ability to fulfill the desires of the local BetterInvesting members. Please let us know your specific needs by completing the attached Delaware Blue Hen Chapter Survey and return it to us.

Club Classes [9/15/2006]
The Delaware Blue Hen Chapter is offering classes directly to your club or group at a time and place that meets your needs. If you are interested in learning more, please look at the full article for details of classes and costs.

Delaware Earners & Learners Investment Club (DELIC) [9/15/2006]
Delaware Earners & Learners Investment Club (DELIC) is a Model Investment Club sponsored by the Delaware Blue Hen Chapter of  BetterInvesting. We were formed in November 1998 and currently have 8 members.

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