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BetterInvesting understands institutional investors are a significant focus for investor relations professionals. But have you ever thought about the power of the retail investor? BetterInvesting has been the premier nonprofit association serving retail investors since 1951. Our investors are savvy, active stock buyers as well as long-term shareholders. With above-average incomes and growing portfolios, our investors can assist publicly traded companies in creating a more balanced and diverse shareholder population.

The awareness and support of retail investors can engender stability, promote liquidity and provoke upside pressure to your company¹s stock. We are also able to help your company efficiently and effectively reach the retail investor. Through the BetterInvesting National Convention and similar regional events, our effective online channels (including focused online company presentations, the BetterInvesting website, electronic publications and social media outlets) and our well established monthly BetterInvesting Magazine, your company can reach out to an extensive and diverse retail investor population. BetterInvesting is one of the largest retail investor organizations in the United States. Let us help you reach your retail targeting goals! 

We have created several opportunities for your company to reach BetterInvesting members – the retail investor. Any company, with any budget, is able to get in front of our educated and savvy audience.  

If you have any questions, please contact Ken Zak at (248) 654-3056 or Brenda Gayle at (248) 654-3047.

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