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Members of the BetterInvesting Volunteer Advisory Board provide leadership, support and expertise for 1,500 BetterInvesting volunteers who serve BetterInvesting clubs and individual members nationwide. 

Gretchen Hurt - Heartland Chapter

Allen Holdsworth - Illowa Buy States Chapter

Joe Parks - Houston Chapter

Susan Maciolek - Wisconsin Chapter
Diane Amendt - Southeastern Michigan Chapter
Suzi Artzberger - Southeastern Michigan Chapter
Kim Butcher - Evansville Tri-State Chapter
Jim Crabill - Chicago West Chapter
Pat Donnelly - Pittsburgh Chapter

Len Douglass - Southeastern Michigan Chapter
Linda Glein - Puget Sound Chapter
William Peterson - Phoenix Chapter
Shanna Rendon - Rocky Mountain Chapter
Susan Tampasis - Heart of Illinois Chapter
Carol Theine - Puget Sound Chapter
Mike Torbenson - Puget Sound Chapter
Associate Director

Susan Gault
Henry Gold - San Francisco Chapter
Christi Powell - Heart of Oklahoma Chapter
Claire Struthers - Northern Lights Chapter


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